Dog Throws A Fit When She Doesn't Get Her Way

No one likes it when things don't go their way. We all react a little differently. Some people get sad and gloomy. Other people retreat into their shell or stay busy. Still others throw massive temper tantrums when they don't get their way. They'll kick and scream and make sure we're all intimately aware of their disappointment. Turns out this behavior isn't exclusive to humans

Dogs are nowhere near the emotional and mental complexity of humans, but they still share a lot of the same experience. Apparently, having temper tantrums is one of them. Fortunately for us, a dog's tantrum is a lot funnier and less annoying than that of say a child, or worse yet, a grown adult.

The cute dog in this video isn't getting her way. Maybe it wasn't time for her walk yet. Maybe she was hungry. Whatever the reason, Sadie was not happy about the situation.

Sadie starts her performance with a loud grown of disappointment. Then she turns away and throws her entire body on to the floor in protest. It's incredibly melodramatic and it's hilarious. Sadie’s owner, Ashlyn Skaggs, is heard during the short video. “Sadie, nobody cares.” The fact that Sadie's tantrum has left her owner unmoved somehow makes this all funnier.

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H/T: Daily Vines Fun

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