Dog Who Spent Life On The Street Makes A Stunning Transformation After She's Rescued

It's heartbreaking to see how stray dogs, after having endured such a difficult and painful life, still have such trust and affection for humans. These photos are devastating to look at, but fortunately for this dog, there is a light at the end. Watch this incredible transformation right before your eyes.

Meet Kelsey. She used to spend her days wandering as a stray, just trying to find food and stay alive.

Forced to sleep wherever she could, her health took a sharp downward turn. She had parasites attacking her sunburned skin.

When a family saw Kelsey on the side of the road, they knew she needed help. Kelsey seemed to know it too; it took little convincing to get her to jump into their car.

She had never been under the care of humans, yet she was gentle and trusting to people.


While a medical team came up with a plan to treat her, she rehydrated herself and ate some much-needed food.

It is amazing how quickly Kelsey responded to the comfort and affection from the veterinary staff.

She was especially loving to the family who picked her up.

With her health improving, Kelsey took some time to play in the shade in the yard and feel the cool green grass under her feet.

Since she no longer had to fight for food, she was even able to socialize and play with other dogs.

Her emaciated frame started to fill out to a healthy weight.


And with her parasites and sunburn treated, her fur started to come back.

She seemed constantly grateful for food, clean drinking water and the warm, safe bed to sleep in every night.

With her health and her fur back, you would barely recognize Kelsey as the parasitic, dying dog on the streets.

But Kelsey remembers her own past and has a deep love and gratitude for her new family for saving her life.

Via: Acid Cow

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