Dog's Adorable "Cotton Ball" Haircut Is Turning Heads

As Charles M. Schulz says, “Happiness is a warm puppy.” Nothing brings more instant joy than the sight of a furry canine. From surfing English Bulldogs to horse-sized Great Danes, Instagram is overflowing with adorable pups worth following. A bad mood can be immediately reversed simply by opening up this app.

Lately, one fluffy, little pooch has been turning heads all over the globe. Tori the Bichon Frise has become the newest social media darling thanks to her floof-tastic haircut. Skilled with a pair of shears, Tori’s owners have groomed her hair into a perfectly round ball. From an angle, she looks like a giant cotton ball! People are losing it over this tiny pup’s almost cartoon-like features, and so are we. You can’t help but smile when you see something like this.

Check out the images below to see Tori’s tip-top hairdo:

Meet Tori! She might be the cutest Bichon Frise the world has ever known. Her unusual hairdo has been the talk of Instagram.

Her haircut is so perfectly round, she resembles a giant, fluffy cotton ball when she lays down.


Tori's bulbous haircut is possible due to her unusually thick and puffy hair. Bichon Frises typically have much tighter, shorter curls.

Tori lives with her loving owners in Daegu, South Korea.

Her smile-inducing hair and snazzy outfits have made her one of Instagram's favorite dogs.

Over 75,000 people follow little Tori's antics on the social media app.


This new Internet sensation continues to attract new followers looking for their daily dose of cuteness.

Check out the video below to see this fluffball in action:

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H/T: LittleThings | Bichon_tori

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