Dogs Are One Of The Most Loyal Animals, But What This Dog Does For His Owners Is Indescribable.

In Russian, the word “druzhok” means "little friend". Last summer, a lovable mutt called Druzhok proved to his family just how much of a friend he really was. Druszhok is a member of the Andreev household, living in the Russian region of Amur. According to his owners:

“If he wants to run around, no chain will stop him. He will break it and run away. And when he’s had enough he comes and shows his neck like he’s saying, ‘Leash me, I’m ready.’”

Despite his wilfulness, Druszhok is an incredibly loving and loyal dog. When his town was ovverrun with flood waters, he proved just how much he cared.

After their town was flooded, the Andreevs packed up what they could and took their dog with them to go stay with friends.


On their third morning at their friend’s house, Druzhok went missing. Naturally, the family went looking for him...

… And found him faithfully guarding their house. What a good dog!

According to local rescue workers in the area, Druzhok didn’t let anyone get too close to the house, and never left the front step.

He only left his post once he saw his family, who he eagerly swam over to.

His owners recall the story:


"It’s deep here. He couldn’t run, he had to swim. The dog stood on the top step of the porch in the cold water all night.

We sailed into the yard and saw him. He was standing there and trembling, and wouldn’t move away from his place. But when he saw us he was so happy. We took him into the boat and he rushed to lick us. We all were so happy." 

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, and after seeing Druszhok’s loyalty to his family, there’s absolutely no doubt that truer words have never been said.

Credit: Twenty Two Words

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