Dogs Forced To Breed Finally Experience Freedom

When the Animal Rescue Corps arrived at a breeding facility in Gibson County, Tennessee, nothing could have prepared them for what they were about to see. Roughly 48 dogs were locked up in filthy cages for breeding purposes.

Some of these poor dogs had never even been outside, unfamiliar with the feeling of fresh grass beneath their paws. The dogs were primarily comprised of breeds like Chihuahuas, Boston terriers, and Shih-Tzus - small dogs that could be kept in confined spaces. The females were forced to give birth until they physically couldn't do it anymore. No living creature should ever be subjected to such horrible conditions, which is why the Animal Rescue Corps felt it was their duty to step in and free these animals.

The Animal Rescue Corps, or ARC, are a national animal protection nonprofit with a simple mission: "to end animal suffering through direct and compassionate action, and to inspire the highest ethical standards of humanity towards animals." Their goal is noble, but it doesn't come without seeing the darker side of humanity. While not every dog was lucky enough to make it out alive, ARC did their best to save every animal in the facility. Scroll through the images below for a full account of the rescue and a look at how the rescued dogs are doing now.

This is what the inside of the breeding facility looked like when the ARC opened the door.

In some cases, three dogs were sharing the same cage.

The unfinished building barely allowed for any sunlight to get inside.

A number of the dogs were still puppies. Young, weak, and scared, they were locked in cages and forced to live among their own waste.

In a statement addressing the situation, ARC President Scotlund Haisley said, "These dogs have been locked in a cage their whole lives and forced to have litter after litter." 

"They have never known what it's like to be a dog. Most of them have never felt the ground beneath their feet or a kind touch," Haisley went on to say.


Two dogs were found living in the same cage as another dog who had passed away. This just goes to show the level of neglect and abuse put forth by the owner.

Most of the dogs were kept inside all day, while others were forced to live outside without any shade from the sun. There's no telling how long it had been since these pups had a proper meal and clean water ...

Thankfully, they'll be getting everything they need and more, now that they're in the hands of the ARC.

Currently housed in an emergency shelter, all 48 of the rescued dogs are receiving full medical examinations, baths, and plenty of time to play.

"We are, once again, grateful to Animal Rescue Corps for being a resource for our community to address these large-scale cases of abuse," said Gibson County Sheriff Paul Thomas.

"Cruelty and abuse, whether inflicted on a person or animal, will not be tolerated."


But the end of one rescue is never truly the end for the ARC. They're already onto another job in Morgan County, Tennessee, where they're rescuing dogs, donkey, ponies, pigs, and even a few chickens.

One survivor of the Morgan County operation, whom they've named Bonaparte, is in need of special care.

If you'd like to find out how you can help Bonaparte, and other animals like him, visit the ARC's website here.

For more info on the ARC, check out their video below:


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H/T: The Dodo | Amiee Stubbs

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