Dogs' Sleep Positions Reveal Their Personalities

As most dog owners can testify to, dogs have very complex personalities. They are often loyal and friendly, but dogs can also exhibit more complex emotions such as jealousy, dominance, independence, shyness and confidence. Like with any human, taking the time to understand their underlying personality and feelings are one of the most important parts of building a lasting relationship.

Dogs typically use a combination of gestures and body language to try to communicate with us. With a bit of time, any dog owner can come to know and understand their dog even though they don't speak the same language. However, it is also possible to learn a lot about a dog by analyzing how they sleep. Specifically, there are six different sleeping positions that are indicative of a dog’s underlying personality.

1. The side-sleeping position.

It is said that sleeping on its side is the most natural and restful of all sleeping positions for a dog. If a dog most often sleeps in this position, it means that they are very comfortable in their environment. They feel safe, and they are incredibly loyal to the people that provide these conditions for them.

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2. The fox position.

This curled up position is common to dogs that are more laid-back. This sleeping posture is also indicative of a cool environment. Animals will often sleep in this position to conserve body heat and stay warm.



3. The "Superman" position.

Especially common in puppies and younger dogs, the "Superman" pose is very typical of dogs that have high amounts of energy. This position is the easiest to get up from and signals that a dog is easily motivated.


4. The crazy-legs position.

This is one of the more humorous sleeping positions. Dogs that sleep like this are very independent and easy-going. This posture also shows that they are very confident in themselves and their environment — it is a very vulnerable position that animals in the wild never sleep in.

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5. The tummy-curl position.

Dogs that sleep in this position are very gentle, but also very shy and timid. The position isn't one of relaxation as it keeps the leg muscles in a tense position. Dogs like this might be more reserved, but they also have a lot of energy.


6. The passed-out position.

This position is very common to dogs who sleep indoors. These dogs love to sleep flat on their backs to help dissipate heat from their bodies. Additionally, dogs that sleep like this feel very secure and relaxed in their surroundings. 


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