Dollar Bills With Rare Serial Numbers Are Worth Thousands

These days, a dollar bill isn’t worth much. Unless you are craving a vending machine snack or passing a lemonade stand, there’s really nothing you can buy with a single $1. With pennies currently costing more to manufacture than they’re worth, it makes one wonder if dollar bills will become the next bygone currency.

On the flip side, a couple thousand dollars? Well, that could buy all kinds of things – a dream vacation, a new wardrobe, the latest technology – it’s hard not to dream big when you have that type of cash on hand. But what if I told you that a single dollar could buy you all that and more? All it takes is the right serial number. 

Grab your wallets and piggie banks – it’s time to start hunting. 

You want to look closely for several things:


1. 7 repeating digits in a row (such as 09999999 or 67777777).

2. 7 of a kind (such as 00010000 or 99999099).


3. “Super repeaters” (such as 67676767 or 58585858).

4. Double quads (such as 00009999 or 66667777).

While these are some of the most valuable combinations, you can find the entire list of bills that Cool Serial Numbers will buy here. Good luck!  

Via: American Overlook 

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