Donkey Adopts Disabled Dog

Life for a disabled dog can be rough. When you can't run around or play with the other puppies, it's hard to make friends and life can get pretty lonely. Still, sometimes life throws you a bone in the most unexpected ways and someone who becomes your best friend can come into your life out of nowhere.

That's what happened to Kolima, the puppy. She was born with wobbly syndrome, a spinal condition which causes a lot of pain when she tries to stand and makes her very shaky on her feet. As much as she'd love to play, it's just too much for her, That's where Paolo, the donkey, comes in. 

Paolo decided to take Kolima under his wing, helping her roll around in the hay, cuddling together, and just generally being "asses." Check out the video below to see more.

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H/T: Felice Caputo

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