Don't Throw Away Your Old, Stained Clothes Just Yet. These Tricks Will Make Them Good As New

It only takes a second. That dark oily food stain on your blouse. That snag of your good sweater on the shrubbery. But fear not-- just because life gets in the way of good clothes, it doesn't mean that they are ruined for good. Here are 20 brilliant hacks for fixing, upkeeping and life-proofing your clothes.

1. Keep cashmere and wool from shedding by letting it spend the night in the freezer.

2. You know you're not really supposed to wash jeans right? To get jean stink out, put them into a plastic bag and freeze them.

3. Baking soda and a lemon will take out armpit stains.

4. The foam of a dry cleaning hanger will rub off deodorant streaks.

5. Shaving cream will take off makeup stains.

6. Pre-treat lipstick stains with hairspray before washing.


7. Clear nail polish will keep the screws on your sunglasses from coming undone.

8. It works on loose button thread too.

9. A nail file is perfect for buffing out scuffs on suede shoes.

10. Water stains on leather boots are no match for vinegar.

11. A dab of petroleum jelly will fix scuffs on patent leather shoes.

12. Moisturizer can act as shoe polish for leather shoes in a pinch. (Plus, it smells better.)

13. Baking soda will soak up any gym funk odors in your sneakers.


14. Shine up your patent leather shoes with glass cleaner.

15. A little adhesive moleskin will fix any underwires poking through a bra.

16. Dishwashing soap lifts food grease from your dishes-- it will do the same for your clothes. 

17. Clear nail polish comes to the rescue in fixing snagged tights.

18. Stuck zipper? A dab of petroleum jelly will loosen it right up.

Via: Cosmopolitan

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