Don't Throw Out Those Silica Gel Packs, Here Are 16 Great Uses For Them

You come across silica gel packs all the time - they're those tiny soft packs labeled clearly "Do Not Eat." They are used for absorbing moisture to fight against mold and mildew in closed containers. While the packs need to be kept away from pets and children (they're harmful if swallowed), there are many uses for silica gel packs. So before you toss away your next silica gel packet, check out these handy ways to reuse them.

1. Store your razor blades in a plastic container with the gel to prevent oxidation dulling.


2. Keep a few on your dashboard to help fight against foggy windshields.

Bavarian Autosport Blog

3. Did your phone get wet? Remove the battery and memory card and leave your phone in a bowl with the packets overnight. If the water damage wasn't too severe, your phone should power on again in the morning.

The Globe and Mail

4. Combat mildew in a toiletry case with the packets.


5. Save your camera from condensation damage by storing it with silica gel packets when you return from a cold shoot. (Take the battery and memory card out first.)



6. Keep silica gel with your family photos to protect them from humidity.

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7. Keep the mildew stink out of your gym bag with the packets.

Oh She Glows

8. They're also great for linen and shoe closets.

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9. Dry flowers faster by placing a packet in the bag with them.


10. A silica gel packet in the box will extend the life of your Christmas ornaments.


11. Put a gel pack in the box if you're storing old books.

Spring To Autumn


12. Keep a packet in your camera case to extend the life of your lenses.


13. They will help prevent your tools from oxidizing as well.


14. Old seeds will stay moisture free with a silica gel pack in their off-season storage.

Grower Direct

15. Place a gel pack in your silverware box to fight against tarnishing and keep your good silver fresh and new.


Credit: Aunty Acid

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