Dramatic Sofa To Bathtub Transformation

One of my favorite new trends is "upcycling." It's when you take old, worn out items in your home and give them a completely new and valuable purpose. We've shared plenty of awesome examples before, like this woman who turned an old bath towel into a shiny new bathroom rug, or these 15 ideas of how to repurpose your doormats. Upcycling is a great way to save money, and it adds a little unique spice to the inside of your house. 

Today's featured project comes from Interesting Designs & Inventions, which certainly lives up to its name with its latest work. They start with an old bathtub that certainly looks like it has reached the end of its usefulness. The two men then begin marking things up and start to saw the tub in half. Once it's cut, they prop the tub up on four legs and build a wooden frame around the outside. When the carpentry is finished, the old bathtub begins to take shape as the end product - a cozy sofa. 

Before everything is finished, the two men spruce things up a bit by gathering sticks and placing them at the base of the furniture to give it a unique and quirky look. Throw in a cushion and some pillows and the result is a beautiful sofa that would look good in any part of your house. 

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Sofa from the old bath

Posted by Interesting Designs & Inventions on Friday, April 1, 2016

H/T: Interesting Designs & Innovations

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