Dresser Drawers Are Transformed Into A Cubby Organizer

How often have you entered a store and saw something that you thought would look amazing in your own home? Perhaps it was some pretty decor in a jewelry shop, or it was an elegant table at a furniture store. For Mindi, it was a cubby organizer in an arts and crafts store.

"Every time I go to Hobby Lobby, I see these cute cubby organizers," she wrote in her post for My Repurposed Life. The "fun colors" and "cute labels" appealed to her, and she knew that she would want to make one of her own. Using two drawers from an old dresser as the foundation, Mindi from MyLove2Create was able to make a stunning cubby organizer that would look impressive in any home or store.

Mindi salvaged these two drawers from a four-drawer dresser that was falling apart. All they needed was some adhesive and some nails to make them sturdy again. Unfortunately, the other two drawers were beyond repair.

After reinforcing them, she stacked one drawer on top of the other to ensure they would make a suitable foundation for her cubby organizer. It was perfect!

Next, she measured her drawers and determined that she would incorporate six cubbies into each one, giving her a grand total of 12 sections in her final product.

After giving everything a good sanding, she used a fence board to make two shelf boards. Then, medium-density fiberboards (MDFs) were cut to make the eight cubby dividers.

Next, she measured and marked the placement of each piece before gluing and nailing them into place in the drawers.

"When I added the dividers to my second drawer, I clamped it to the first drawer to use as a reference to make sure the dividers would be lined up perfectly, then I glued and nailed them in," she explained in her post.


Once all the dividers were in place, it was time to put the two drawers together. She applied glue to the back end of one drawer, then adhered the other drawer to it. The front of the drawers will be the top and bottom of the organizer. Then, she clamped them together while the adhesive dried.

One thing that she loved about the organizers at Hobby Lobby was the cute labels on them. So, she cut some strips out of scrap MDF to make ledges for her labels and affixed them to the bottom of each cubby section.

The unit is really coming together now. Next, she applied primer to the organizer.

Then came the time to paint it. Using spray paint, she covered the entire unit in a beautiful teal. The second coat of spray paint did not take very well, but after applying some craft paint in a similar color, Mindi was pretty pleased with the rustic look that resulted.

"I really wasn't pleased with the back, however, and so I found some craft paper that I liked and used it as a backdrop in each cubby," she wrote. She simply cut them to size and adhered them to the back of each cubby hole.

Finally, it was time to add one of her favorite features of the organizer: the labels. Using some poster board from another project, she cut out her own labels and spray-painted them a metallic silver. Then, she topped them off with oil-rubbed bronze.


Then, she drilled small holes into the ledges of her organizer and attached the labels.

Next, she printed out stickers to complete the labels.

She loved the reclaimed wood paper that lined the back of the cubbies. It matched perfectly with the rustic paint finish of her organizer.

All that was left to do was to determine where she would use the unit. Mindi tried it out in her craft room and placed her supplies jars inside the cubbies.

She also tried it out in her powder room. Jars of cotton and pots of succulents were placed inside the cubbies.

"I think the bathroom is a good spot for now," she decided. "Now, I guess I don't have to drool all over Hobby Lobby anymore ... at least in one section anyway." Who would have thought that two old drawers can be turned into this incredible cubby organizer? For more information on this impressive transformation, be sure to check out Mindi's post here.

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H/T: My Repurposed Life

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