Dresser Upcycles

I’m the kind of person who loves homemade projects. Whether it’s making a mini volcano for a science fair or installing a new screen door, I love getting down and dirty and figuring things out for myself. Luckily, for all us handy people out there, there are plenty of resources to help us get creative with everything we build. A while ago, we told you how to turn an unwanted drawer into a living room piece that will make everyone jealous. Now, we have a list of ways to utilize the old dresser it came from. 

It turns out, there are plenty of opportunities awaiting your dresser once it has reached the limits of its usefulness. You can repurpose them for a unique storage space, decoration or something in between the two. Scroll through these examples and see for yourself the endless possibilities. 

Turn your old drawers into wooden picture frames.


Add some wheels to make a rustic end table.

Desire to Inspire

Drawers make the perfect animal bed.

Casa Couture


Take apart your old dresser to create a fancy headboard.


You can make your junk drawers a lot cooler.


Need an ottoman? Make one out of a drawer.


You can use small drawers to make your bedroom lamp a lot more scenic.

Home Dzine

Old drawers can really enhance your garden.



Or just make a simple flower pot.


If you’re really ambitious, you can transform your entire dresser into a garden.


These are just a sampling of ideas on how to use your old furniture, if you are interested in more, check this out. 

Via: Little Things

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