Easy, "Crazy Big Curls" With No Heat Required!

Curls are so in right now. But honestly, when aren't they in? Hit up Google for "Curls are in" and it will start autocompleting that statement for just about every year on record. Apparently for 2016 they're even in for men. That's right, 2016 is the year of curls, waves and crimps for the not-so-fairer sex. But that doesn't mean the look is any less popular for women.

In fact, there are so many styles of curly hair popular right now it's hard to even decide which look you might want to go for. This particular tutorial shows off a straightforward, hot-tool-free method of creating some highly structured, but still big and bouncy, curls that might strike that perfect balance of glamour and flair.

These big, "crazy" curls start out by putting your hair into something of a style in its own right. Tiny little buns of twirled and twisted hair hold the curls tightly wound and sort of strong-arm the hair into shape. Those of you with brittle hair, this one might not be for you. It's not like you're applying a ton of pressure but, better safe than sorry.

But for everyone else, the longer the hair, the more dramatic your locks will be when you finally unwind those little ball-knots and let those curls loose on the world. Whether it's for an event, a date with someone special, or heck, just to look great grocery shopping, these curls are sure to impress. They won't even know what hit them.

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