Easy Household Hacks That Will Make Your Clothes Last FOREVER

When it comes to caring for your clothes and shoes, it's not always as simple as popping them into the washing machine. Different types of stains require different treatments, and tough detergents or high heat will sometimes only complicate things further. On the other hand, not all is lost when something seems damaged—you might be able to save your clothes before you toss them in the trash!

Once you've done your research, you'll never shrink a shirt or set a stain again. Check out this roundup of tips and tricks for solving common problems with your wardrobe!

1. Hand Wash When Necessary


First things first: When in doubt, try handwashing first. This is the more gentle way to detail any stains. If you aren't able to remove a stain on the first time, don't dry the garment, or the stain will set more permanently.

2. Softly File Those Suede Shoes


A nail file with a super fine grit will help to remove surface stains or buildup on your suede shoes. Gently test it out in a hidden area first.

3. Velcro Those Pills Away


Remove fabric pilling with a piece of barbed velcro. Test it out on a small spot to make sure it won't snag the clothing fibers, though!

4. Beat Grease With Detergent


Dish detergent is great for removing grease and oil stains. Use a clear soap that won't add color to the clothing and gently scrub away those marks.

5. Remove Scratches And Scuffs


Use shoe wax to fill in scratches and scuffs on your damaged leather shoes, and then apply shoe polish to lock in shine—check out tutorials on YouTube for more details.


6. Handbag Care


White vinegar will lift most surface stains from leather handbags. Other cleaners will stain or tint the leather products, so make sure you spot test.

7. Lifting Stains From Shoes

There are still methods for cleaning shoes that aren't genuine leather. Equal parts of white vinegar and water spritzed on the shoes should lift stains.

8. Saltwater Soak


Saltwater will help soften any fabrics that are rougher than they used to be. Just mix around a half cup of salt with a couple of liters of water and soak overnight.

9. Freeze Odors Away

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Pop any funky-smelling garments in a zippered bag and freeze them overnight, then launder them as you normally would. This should help to remove any stink!

10. Blood Stains


Add two tablespoons of either salt or ammonia to a liter of cold water and use the solution to clean out blood. Don't use warm water, or else the stain will permanently set.

11. Gluing Shoes


Apply super glue or shoe glue with a toothpick or small detailing brush and then press the split areas together for a few minutes. Apply paint to any large scuffs.


12. Glass Cleaner


Glass cleaner is great for restoring shine to patent leather. Make sure there's no cracking or scuffs in the finish and then polish away.

13. Cleaning Suede


Clean your nubuck and suede shoes with a tablespoon of vinegar dissolved in a liter of clean, warm water. This will help to gently lift light stains.

14. Beat The Heat

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Skip the dryer when it comes to delicate garments. Instead, pick up a drying rack. It's the most gentle way to dry your freshly washed clothes.

15. Don't Fear The Cleaners


At the end of the day, you should leave the really dirty tasks to the professionals. Dry cleaning is worth the cost if it means your garments are taken care of the right way!

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