Easy Tips For The Perfect Picnic

As we make our way into the summer, people are spending more time outdoors. In addition to backyard barbecues and sipping a cold beverage on the porch, there are a plethora of activities that you can enjoy in the warm weather. If you are looking for something cost-effective that the whole family can partake in, then picnics are the way to go.

Picnics are a fun, affordable way to enjoy time with friends and family under the sun. There are so many things to love about this activity - the delicious food, being outdoors, and the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. Before you pack for your next picnic, here are some game-changing tips that will make your next outdoor meal much more enjoyable:

Salad Cups

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Salads are a great addition to any picnic menu, but it is definitely not fun to toss one outdoors. Next time, prepare the salad at home and put the ready-to-go product into individual disposable cups that come with lids. Then, stick a fork through the straw hole on the lid and your salad cups will be good to go. Once you get to your picnic, all you have to do is drizzle some salad dressing on top and enjoy!

Chocolate-Filled Strawberries


We all know and love chocolate-covered strawberries, but this version of the treat is less messy and will give you a better chocolate-to-strawberry ratio! Instead of covering the outside of the strawberries with chocolate (which can get messy when you try to pick one up to eat), simply hollow out the strawberries and fill the inside with chocolate. Yum!

Clean Cooler

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A cooler is essential if you want nice, cold beverages for your picnic. However, it always gets messy when the ice starts melting and you're left with a cooler full of ice soup. To keep it nice and clean from start to finish, replace ice cubes with frozen water bottles. That way, all the melted ice will be contained within the bottles and your drinks will stay cool and dry.

Fruit Kabobs

By Stephanie Lynn

A fun and appealing way to make sure everyone gets a healthy portion of fruit during the picnic is with these colorful fruit kabobs. You won't need to pack the fruits into multiple containers, which helps to save on space, too.


Muffin-Tin Cup Holder


We all know the struggle of trying to balance cups on top of the picnic blanket - it's just not a good idea. But don't limit yourself to water bottles and juice boxes at your next picnic. Muffin tins can make a sturdy cup holder that can hold multiple drinks at once!

Pre-Sliced Apples

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Want an easy way to enjoy apple slices at your picnic? Pre-cut them at home, then put the slices back into place and wrap one or two rubber bands around the entire apple. When you are ready to eat them at your picnic, simply remove the rubber band and voilà! Instant apple slices.

Peanut Butter Dip


If you want to enjoy peanut butter dip without setting up a platter of veggies and a container of dip, then combine them all in one! All you need to do is place peanut butter into the bottom of a jar, then stick your carrots and celeries inside as well.

Tinfoil Grills

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Grill your meat and veggies inside a wrapped tinfoil to keep the flavor locked in. It also helps to prevent a mess from all the juices oozing out of your grilled goods.

Tackle-Box Treats

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Variety is a luxury when it comes to picnics. There is only so much space that you can allot in the picnic basket for treats. Instead of only having room for one or two different treats, use a tackle box to store a whole assortment of snacks and candies for the family. Nobody's favorite treat will be left out.


Condiment Caddy

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A six-pack holder makes the perfect caddy for all your condiments and other picnic essentials! No more utensils and condiment bottles randomly strewn across the picnic blanket. No more wasted time looking for the straws or can opener. Everything will be at the tip of your fingers!

Shower-Cap Covers


Instead of enveloping everything in plastic wrap, cover your bowls with a shower cap that can be reused for future picnics. Nothing feels better than an eco-friendly meal.

Utensil Kits

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Pre-make these utensil kits so that everyone has exactly what they need when lunchtime comes around. There's nothing worse than trying to sort through the utensils and locate the salt and pepper when all you want to do is dig into the delicious food.

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