Elderly Man Finds Note From Late Wife

Just days after his wife died, a Mississippi man found a heartwarming note she’d left for him to find after she passed. Their grandson being a journalist, this story is now reaching people across the country.

James Breland discovered the note in between the pages of a checkbook days after his wife of 60 years had passed away. Their grandson, Cliff Sims, is a journalist living in Alabama. He decided to write about the note for Yellowhammer News.

He reported, “Last week I got a late night phone call informing me that my grandmother — my Mimi, Billie Breland — had passed away at the age of 83. Although her short-term memory had been fading in recent years, she was still in good health overall. She even still enjoyed cutting the grass and raking leaves.”

Cliff continued, explaining that his grandmother, Billie, had broken a hip after a fall and never fully recovered from the injury.

He said, “Every day my Grandaddy stayed by her side in the hospital taking care of her, just as he’d done for every one of the 60 years they’d been married — right up until the night she passed.”

Billie would frequently leave notes around the house, usually to remind her of quotes or funny moments. James was not surprised to find the note in her checkbook.

The note read, “Please don't cry because I died! Smile because I lived! Know that I'm in a happy place! Know that we will meet again! I will see you there!”

Cliff said that the note “perfectly sums up the hope and comfort that comes with knowing you’ll meet again in eternity.”

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H/T: America Now

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