Elderly Woman Abused In Assisted Care

We trust assisted living facilities to take care of our elderly family members, and we pay good money for that trust. Camille Parent's mother has Alzheimer's and was suffering from bruises due getting into scuffles with other residents. That's what Camille thought at first.

He set up his mother's room with a hidden camera and came back a few days later. When he looked at the footage he was appaled. His mother was being abused by other residents AND staff!

Other residents would steal from his mother's room and then caretakers would come in and act inappropriately. One staff member was found blowing his nose on her clean sheets. Another actually physically abused her

When the CEO of Saint Joseph's saw the tape he responded,

“Based on what I see on the preliminary investigation, it is totally unacceptable and I will make sure that actions are taken to prevent any such abuse in the future.”

Watch the terrible video below and SHARE it with anyone who has elderly parents.

H/T: Everyone Matters