Engagement Ring Styles Through The Past 100 Years

Diamonds are forever, or so the saying goes. Thanks to their incredible hardness (they are the hardest known material on the planet), there's actually quite a lot of truth to that saying. Still, that doesn't mean that diamonds don't undergo any changes at all. Jewelers cut down large stones to create all types of gorgeous, glimmering jewelry, and sometimes larger diamonds already in jewelry are, for various reasons, split up into smaller stones over time (dividing an heirloom, for instance). 

There's another saying that diamonds are a girl's best friend. I'd like to add from personal experience that they're also a considerable dent on some guy's wallet. Traditionally speaking, diamonds have always been earmarked for engagement and wedding rings, and most girls grow up dreaming of receiving a diamond ring from their beloved one day. Because diamonds really are forever, they're definitely the perfect symbol to represent your undying, everlasting commitment to the one you love. That's not to say fashion doesn't play a role, though. Engagement rings have gone through a lot of changes over the last 100 years, as this video shows. The one thing that is consistent throughout, however, is the general idea of a big, shiny rock being prominently featured.

By the way, fellas, let me share a pro tip with you that I and many of my recently-wedded or engaged friends had to learn the hard way: you actually need two rings. One is to propose with, that's the engagement ring. The other is the wedding band that she'll wear on a daily basis, which you will present at the wedding. All the movies and TV shows only ever show the guy with the one ring on his knees, so I definitely wasn't prepared for that, and some of my friends went through the same thing! Learn from our mistakes, grasshopper.

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