Even Most Superfans Never Knew These Facts About "The Dark Knight" Trilogy

A lot of people have tried to make an unforgettable sequence of superhero movies—but most of them have failed.

The big exception to this is Christopher Nolan's Batman sequence. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises proved that you could bring comic books to the big screen and make them good, and consistently so. 

The fans loved this series and the critics applauded it too. It has become the best-regarded set of comic adaptations globally. So with that in mind, here are some things you might not know about the Batman's finest hours.

1. After Heath Ledger's Death

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The Dark Knight Rises was supposed to feature The Joker, too—in fact, early scripts were said to feature the trial of The Joker for his acts in The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger's death meant this was impossible to carry out.

2. Michael Caine Did Not Like The Joker

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Michael Caine said that when he first came face-to-face with The Joker, he was so overwhelmed with fear that he forgot his lines.

3. The Jokers Was Ledger's To Lose


Christopher Nolan felt that Heath Ledger was the perfect fit for the part and while many other top actors (including Steve Carell and Robin Williams) had wanted it, it was Ledger's if he chose and he did.

4. There Is A Pattern At The Start Of Each Film


All three movies have a moment early on in which the villain is disguised as their own henchman. Ra's Al Guhl, The Joker, and Bane clearly went to the same school of villainy.


5. Single Word Themes Unite The Trilogy

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There were single word themes for each movie. Batman Begins was about fear. The Dark Knight took its inspiration from chaos. Then The Dark Knight Rises went with pain.

6. Heath Ledger Created The Joker's Look


Using the comics as his inspiration, Heath Ledger created The Joker's make up using makeup he bought from a drug store. Then the design team just had to reproduce it each day on set.

7. The Batmobile Confused A Drunk Driver


Yes, in Chicago, a drunk driver mistook The Batmobile for a UFO. Then he crashed his car and had to explain that to the police.

8. There's A Second Batmobile

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Bruce Wayne has a Lamborghini Murcielago in the movies. Murcielago is the Spanish word for "bat". Yes, it's a second Batmobile, and yes, we were impressed. 

9. The First Batman Trilogy To Make It To The End


Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher had both planned trilogies, but their ability to make movies audiences hated put an end to those plans. Nolan's is the first complete trilogy of Batman movies.

10. Blame Batman On Blade Runner

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Blade Runner, Ridley Scott's timeless classic, was Nolan's biggest inspiration for how the Batman trilogy should be put together. He made the whole crew watch Blade Runner so they could get where he was coming from. 


11. Bale Was The Youngest Ever Batman


Bale's first appearance as Batman was at the age of 30. He was six years younger than Val Kilmer and George Clooney and eight years younger than Adam West and Michael Keaton when they took up the role. 

12. Bale Swooned For Michael Caine


"Look at that! He's fallen asleep!" were the first words Christian Bale heard from Michael Caine.

The scene in Batman Begins involved Bruce Wayne waking up to talk to his butler. Bale actually fell asleep in the bed and needed to be forcibly woken. 

13. The First Comic Book Oscar


Heath Ledger's Oscar for The Dark Knight was also the first time that an acting Oscar had been awarded to anyone in a comic related movie.

14. The Joker Card Has History


The comic which transformed Batman from a semi-joke to the dark entity found in the trilogy was Arkham Asylum. The Joker card from Batman Begins is taken directly from that comic.

15. The First Feature Film At IMAX


Before The Dark Knight, IMAX cinemas were used for documentaries (most of which were to show off the size of the screen rather than educate). However, The Dark Knight proved that IMAX was perfect for feature films, too. 

The most popular Batman movies become even more interesting when you know a little extra about them.

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