Ever Wondered What's Inside A Rattlesnake Rattle?

Apr 7, 2016

What would you like to have happen to your body after you die? That might seem like a morbid question, but you'd be surprised by the variety of answers people have when asked. Many opt for a traditional burial, while others are content with the less expensive cremation. Or, if you wanted to get really creative, you could turn your ashes into a beautiful piece of art, a diamond ring, and even a tree!

While I hope it's a long time before this question becomes relevant to me, I think I'd like to donate my body to science when I pass away. It isn't the most glamorous way to go, but the idea of people learning something from my body sounds pretty great. Which brings us to this video about what makes rattlesnakes' rattles rattle (I bet you can't say that three times fast). The rattlesnake whose tail is featured in this video didn't know that its body would be used for educational purposes after it died, but here we are learning about one of nature's most fearsome reptiles.

Even though rattlesnakes seem like terrifying predators, blending in with their surroundings as they wait for the perfect moment to strike, they're actually preyed upon by a number of different animals including hawks, weasels, and other snakes. Luckily, they're equipped with a rattle on their tails that helps them fend off most predators. But what's inside a rattlesnake's rattle that gives it that distinct sound? Well, the father/son duo from YouTube channel "What's Inside?" sought to answer that question when they ordered a rattle off the Internet and sliced it open. You'll have to watch the video yourself to see what's inside, but there's one quote from the son that sums up the experience pretty well: "I don't think it's designed for people to cut them in half."

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H/T: What's Inside?

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