Every Newborn In Finland Sleeps In A Box. The Reason Why Is Pretty Impressive

If you're having a baby in Finland, you'll not only be getting some awesome maternity leave but you'll be getting your very own baby box. This is a kind of "starter kit" for newborn babies and it's given to every expectant Finnish mom.

The box itself actually doubles as a crib or a secondary safe space for the baby.

The boxes are stuffed with everything that's needed for newborn babies. Hygiene items, small toys, bath materials and a mattress and mattress cover are all included.



There is also a small collection of unisex baby clothes, outerwear and a knitted baby hat.


The boxes were a response to the 1930s when Finland was a poorer country and had an infant mortality rate of 65 out of 1,000 babies born.

Matthew Yglesias

They began providing the kits in 1938. Even though the kits are incredibly simple, they made a huge difference. Today, Finland enjoys one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.



This simple box kicked off revolutionary changes in the country for the benefit of babies and new mothers. Today, the Save The Children Foundation calls Finland "the best place to be a mother on Earth."

Credit: Little Things

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