Every Time His Human Approaches, This Black Fox Can't Help But Burst Out Laughing

There are 30 different species of foxes in the world, and out of all of them, silver foxes are often considered some of the most beautiful. They're basically red foxes that are born with a mix of black copper, blue-grey, or silver-colored fur with a white-tipped tail. They're often hunted for their valuable pelts, which has made them pretty rare.

Foxes are wild animals, and should never be kept as pets. Sometimes, however, circumstances don't always allow for that. Such is the case of Mr. Scampers the fox, who comes from a long line of silver foxes who were domesticated and raised for their fur. When the fur trade ceased, they were bred to be companion animals. That's why Mr. Scampers couldn't be released to the wild when he suddenly lost his home - he was never wild to begin with.

Luckily, he was adopted by a loving family where he's extremely well-cared for. You can tell just how happy he is by how he wags his tail whenever they come home! His owners say that those cute whimpering noises you hear him making are his way of laughing. They even provided a video translation of what his different noises mean!

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H/T: Hayley de Ronde

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