Every Week, Two Anonymous Students Sneak Into Classrooms To Create Chalkboard Masterpieces

Each week, two students at Columbus College of Art and Design have been causing an artistic riot of sorts. The anonymous students, who refer to themselves as Dangerdust, sneak their way into a classroom every week and create impressive artwork using only chalk. The two seniors, who both major in Advertising & Graphic Design, prove that they are truly passionate about their major with their magnificent masterpieces.

They create their masterpieces during the night on either Sunday or Monday.

First, they choose an empty classroom.

Next, they get started on their creation.

Each piece comes to completion in just one night.

Although, some of their masterpieces need up to 11 hours for completion.

They choose a quote, create a sketch, then begin.

The duo has used quotes from many different people.

Some of their quotes have come from Bill Cosby, Nelson Mandela, Banksy, Tavi Gevinson, and many others.

They even used Dr. Seuss as inspiration.


These definitely aren’t your typical random acts of art.

Using chalk that you could get from a dollar store, they create incredible depth.

If they haven’t yet, the two students will most likely be graduating very soon.

This probably isn’t the last we’ll see of them, based on their skills.


The world needs more creativity like this.

The Dangerdust duo are now on a number of different social media sites, including Behance, Twitter and Instagram. While they may never show the world who they truly are and may try to pull off a hidden identity, like Banksy, there’s no doubt that what they’re doing is amazing.

Have you ever created a random work of art? Tell us about what you did in the comments below!

Credit: Reddit | Dangerdust

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