Everybody Knows The Rock Is Awesome, But He Just Took Awesome To A Whole New Level

The Rock is generally recognized as a pretty good guy. He’s even got his own foundation to help set young people on the right path. He’s also been a viral sensation more than once, whether it’s showing up at weddings, or just shocking people by explaining what he eats in a single day. This gentle giant has had his share of rough moments in life but has always come through by focusing on his goals. A bit of advice (and a photo) he passed onto a new friend in the gym made a lasting impression. Lexi has had to go into the hospital for surgery a few times, and each time she did, she told herself, “I gotta be strong cause the Rock told me to be strong!” Strong she was and when she saw the Rock at the gym again, he was incredibly moved by her story. As he said, “Hey, look I got some pretty cool things going on in my life.. I believe in hard work and little luck to get ya by.. but moments like this with Lexi will always be the best part of my fame.”

A little later, he bumped into her again.

The Rock

It turned out, she had a homecoming dance coming up and had been voted queen. The Rock, ever the gentleman, asked her if she’d prefer to go with him or her other favorite, Justin Bieber. The answer she gave took The Rock by surprise. He never expected to get bested by a pop singer. Still, he was gracious in his defeat and did the only reasonable thing: call Bieber out online.

I don’t think anybody really expected Justin Bieber’s response.

It’s an incredible thing that the Internet and social media can bring so much joy to people’s lives and connect people who’d otherwise never meet. It’s stories like these that really make you smile.


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