Everyday Fashion Faux Pas That Will Make You Look Messy

We know that you don't have the time that a celebrity does to dedicate to getting your look just right. It's a busy world and we all have to cut corners at times.

However, we also know that looking great doesn't have to be hard work and that both men and women can benefit from taking just a little more care over their appearance.

The impression you make on people matters. It's the difference between a promotion and being fired, it's the difference between a dream date and a night in front of the TV alone. So, here are a bunch of awesome ways that you can look better without expending a lot of time and effort.

1. Pet Hair On Your Clothing


We know that you love your pets, but the truth is that most other people aren't impressed by the sight of you covered in their hair. Buy a hair-removal brush for your clothes and use it.

2. Be Careful With See-Through Fabrics


Before you wear anything see-through, check out just how see-through it is when backlit. If it's too see-through, then wear something else underneath it.

3. Fix Damage As It Arises


Before you know it, a small fray is a rip that ruins whatever you are wearing. It's always best to consult a tailor when damage appears so that it can be fixed.

4. You Have To Use An Iron On Your Shirts


There is a moment of teenage rebellion where an unironed shirt is cool. Once you become an adult, that moment is gone forever. Iron your shirts.


5. You Have To Roll Sleeves Up Right

Wikimedia Commons

Here are Barack Obama and George Clooney demonstrating how to roll up your sleeves properly. You need to do a double-roll. Otherwise, it just looks scruffy and lazy.

6. Clean Your Shoes After You Wear Them


Not only is it easier to clean shoes regularly, but it also extends the life of the shoe. Better still, you look good in clean shoes.

7. Make Sure Your Shirt Fits


The only people who should be wearing a shirt that doesn't fit properly are professional wrestlers, like Kurt Angle here. The rest of us want a shirt that's neither too tight nor too loose nor too revealing.

8. Make Sure Your Shoes Fit


Not only do well-fitted shoes look good, but badly fitting ones are dangerous to your health and wellbeing. If there's one item in your wardrobe you should never compromise on, it should be well-fitting shoes.

9. Bleach Or Bin Clothes That Aren't White Anymore


It's a pain, but white clothes only appear awesome when they are white. When they start to turn grey, yellow or other colors, you have to bleach them or get rid of them.

10. Keep Nails Clean And Trimmed


Your fingernails are readily apparent when people look at you, and if they aren't clean and trimmed, people will think less of you and that's not good.


11. Sports Shoes Are For Sports


One of the biggest markers of immaturity is a man wearing sports shoes with a suit. Sports shoes are for sports. Unless you are required to wear them for work, don't wear them at work.

12. Your Pants Should Fit Your Legs


Unless you are about to star in a low budget rap music video, there is no excuse for wearing pants that are too long. None.

13. Hair Ties Are For You Hair; They Are Not Bracelets


This is another feature of teenage fashion that you ought to have grown out of by now. A hair tie bracelet on an adult is just plain sad.

14. Recognize When It Is Time To Throw Stuff Out


We all have favorite clothing items that we hang on to for too long, but once stains and wear are too severe, it's time to throw it out.

15. Don't Overdo The Accessories


Accessories are supposed to be a talking point, but if you are wearing a dozen of them, they overwhelm rather than enhance your look. Keep it simple. 

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