Everyday Situations That Drive You Crazy When You're A Girl Under 5'3"

Life's not too bad when you're a smaller woman. People hold open doors for you and you can save money by shopping in the children's section, but there are situations when it would be nice to have just a few extra inches of height at your command.

Take these 15 everyday situations, for example. Taller people tackle them without even realizing how good they've got it. Yet, when you're a woman who's got less than 5'3" to your name, they will drive you crazy. So, if you see us struggling, please lend a hand, we'd be ever so grateful.

1. A High Bar For A Drink


There's no denying that high bar stools look really cool in elegant settings, but there's also no denying that they feel like Everest when you're a little shorter than average.

2. Mind The Head


It's no fun when a stranger launches you half way across the subway by putting their elbow through your head because they didn't see you down there.

3. It's Not Clever


We wish we were tall enough to get away with thumping someone who picks us up because we're "so little." Really, it's not nice at all.

4. Double Workout


Hit up the gym and if you're not in that "normal height range," you do your first workout readjusting all the equipment so that it fits you. 

5. Frustrating Concerts


Then there's the fantastic situation when you've spent a small fortune on seeing your favorite band and somebody taller than you sits or stands in front of you.


6. Off Camera


It can be a bit hurtful when they take a group photo and a big chunk of your face ends up missing from the final image. 

7. Long In The Leg


Sometimes, you just want what everyone else has. So, you buy yourself some new pajamas. Then you live in fear of tripping over them each time you put them on.

8. Not Cropped


You want the latest fashions, so you buy something cropped and yet, when you get it home, it doesn't look so well cropped anymore. 

9. Outpaced


There's something infuriating when a younger female relative's growth spurt kicks in and she powers past you on her way to the sky. 

10. Math Wizardry


When there's no "petite" sizing available, you need to turn into a math genius to work out whether it's going to fit you at all. 

11. Disappointment Of Shopping


Then you head out to the stores to cheer yourself up and yet, somehow, every single pair of jeans you try on ends up looking like this. 


12. Jump For A Look


They could make our world by just remembering that little people need to do their own makeup just as often as the taller folks do. 

13. In-Air Stress


Sometimes it would be nice if getting on a plane was made less stressful by somebody recognizing that you are never going to get your luggage in there without some help.

14. Not For Your Convenience


It's really not nice when people do this. We know we're short, we can't help it, please don't rub it in and please don't be rude.

15. We Know Already


You see, we know already. You don't have to laugh uproariously while you tell us we're short. It would be really nice if you didn't do either of those things.

Smaller women get it harder than the rest of us some days. So make sure to be considerate of their feelings, please. 

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