Everyone Chucks Old Coffee Grounds, But There Are 19 Ways You Can Make Them Useful Again.

In America, over half of the adult population drinks coffee on a daily basis. Some of us drink it to wake up or remain alert, while others sip coffee casually in social settings. No matter what your reason is for drinking coffee, chances are you’ve never known what to do with the old grounds. 

Instead of throwing them away, we found some clever uses that make sure you are getting the most out of your coffee – take a look. 

1. Supercharge your garden by using coffee grounds as a fertilizer. 

Heather Cowper

Simply mix half a cup of coffee grounds with warm water, pour into a spray bottle, and mist away. 

2. Change your hydrangea’s colors. 


Seriously, this really works – just add coffee grounds to the soil and the change in pH balance will turn pink flowers blue. 

3. Keep cats away from plants. 


It’s no secret that cats hate coffee. Sprinkle grounds into your garden or houseplants to stop pesky feline visits. 

4. Get rid of your dog’s fleas. 

Apartment Guide

Adding just one teaspoon of coffee grounds to your dog’s regular shampoo can help keep fleas at bay.

5. Make a natural fabric dye. 


This technique has been around for ages – check out the details here

6. Scrub pots and pans without using chemicals. 


Coffee is naturally acidic and abrasive, giving it the ability to remove even the nastiest mess. 


7. Make some cleaning pods for your garbage disposal. 


These easy-to-make pods will get rid of that funky smell in no time. 

8. Fix scratches on dark wooden furniture. 

Yankee Magazine

It seems too good to be true, but it really works – click here to find out how. 

9. Make new wood look rustic. 


Coffee grounds and steel wool are all you need for this project

10. Get rid of that old shoe smell. 


Simply place a satchel of coffee grounds inside the shoe and wait for odors to dissipate. 

11. Use coffee to wash your hands after chopping garlic and onions. 

One Good Thing by Jilee

In case you haven’t noticed yet, coffee grounds can absorb just about any bad smell. 

12. Make non-toxic Play-Doh. 

Kid's Activities Blog

Toy bugs make the perfect addition to this mud-like Play-Doh – directions here

13. Get a snack and some caffeine out of these energy bites.

Blissful Britt

However, you may want to use new beans for this recipe


14. Create a homemade coffee candle. 


Looks cute and smells great – check out the instructions here.

15. Wash your hair. 


Add to shampoo or conditioner to eliminate build-up and oil, but beware – the method has been known to darken lighter locks. 

16. Exfoliate your face. 

Crunchy Betty

Read about how to make a mocha mask here

17. Get rid of dead skin with a body scrub. 

Savy Naturalista

Salt scrubs are typically expensive, but you can make this one yourself. 

18. Make a bold soap statement. 


By using recycled hotel soaps, this DIY will cost you virtually nothing. 

19. Get rid of dark circles. 


It’s no surprise, putting caffeine directly on your face will leave you looking awake and rejuvenated. 

Which one of these tips are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share these incredible hacks with your friends and family. 

Credit: ViralNova

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