Everyone Knows These 15 Famous Logos, But Few Know The Secret Meanings Behind Them

We see logos all around us, online, on our billboards and in our homes. We recognize so many brands just by their logos alone, or even just by the colors associated with them. But there's a story behind many of the brands, even ones you see every day, hidden in plain sight.

You might have noticed that the Amazon logo looks like a smiley face, but it takes a second look to notice that the arrow goes from A to Z. This shows Amazon's wide product selection: literally, everything from A to Z.


The McDonald's logo stands for the M in its name, but it's become so iconoclastic that it is sometimes referred to as "the golden arches," landmarks of American food.

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The Apple logo calls to mind "the tree of knowledge" from the Book of Genesis. The apple has gone from rainbow stripes to solid colors and, finally, to today's white or half-grey solid color.


The lines of IBM's logo not only represent the lines of data in their computers, but also create repeating “equal” signs.

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The three stripes of the Adidas logo are built to form a mountain, representing the obstacles for athletes to overcome.

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It takes a moment to notice anything hidden in the FedEx logo, but if you look between the E and the X, you'll see that the negative space creates a white arrow.


Audi's logo pays homage to its history, with each hoop representing one of the four German founding companies of the Auto Union, Chemnitz, in 1932.

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By using green, a non-primary color, in the middle of their primary color logo, Google is sending the message that they are a company of visionaries and rule breakers. They further support this by eschewing their logo altogether with weekly "Google Doodles" on their homepage.


Mercedes-Benz has a confident tri-star logo that is meant to symbolize their commitment to quality in transportation by land, sea and air.


You probably already see the peacock in NBC's logo, but the colors were from NBC's push for viewers to purchase color television sets during the 1950s (No coincidence that color TVs were being manufactured by NBC parent company, RCA).


In German, "volks" means "people" and "wagen" means "car." So the Volkswagen logo stands for "a car for the people."



Mobil chose the blue color of their logo to give a sense of loyalty and faithfulness to their customers, while the red represents strength and fearlessness. It also functions as the wheel.


BMW was created as an aviation company to manufacture aircraft engines for the German military. Today, you can still see the propeller inside the logo.

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Although it looks a little bit like a steer with horns, the three rings of the Toyota logo stand for their three commitments: to customers, to the heart of the product and to technological progress.


Pepsi spent more than a million dollars on its 2008 logo re-design (the old one is on the left, the new one on the right). The design firm, Arnell Associates, claims that the new logo draws influence from Feng shui, the theory of relativity, the Renaissance and many other concepts... It's a lot for a simple logo with only three colors.

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