Everyone Who Sees This Says This Is The Cutest Bunny They've Ever Seen. Check For Yourself

You can usually tell a bunny when you see one. But wait until you meet Wally, an English Angora rabbit. He's been gaining popularity on social media after people noticed that he looks more like a puppy than a bunny. With giant ears that spread like wings, and wool softer than cashmere, Wally is quickly being deemed the cutest bunny in the world.

The best feature of Wally? His ears that look like wings.

His messy hair-do makes him even more adorable. Most would mistake this as a picture of a doll.

Watch him fly.

Rocking a butterfly hair pin to straighten out that long wool.


Look at those ears pointing straight up.

Like all animals, he's the happiest during meal time.

And the messiest after meal time.

But nobody can get mad at this little guy.

Even when he's making a mess on the carpet.


This is just too precious.

Time to get an English Angora rabbit.

Credit: Wally_and_Molly via Instagram

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