Everything Is Fine And These People Aren't Worried At All

You have probably come across the "this is fine" meme. It comes from the webcomic Gunshow and shows a dog seated in an inferno; instead of panicking, the dog simply sweats profusely and anxiously says, "this is fine."

What makes it work is the juxtaposition of insanity and total calm. The images we want to share with you today go one step beyond this. They're not cartoon characters in imaginary peril, though. They're real human beings in incredible situations who don't look at all worried.

They'll make you smile and leave you full of admiration. Come and take a look with us. 

1. Mowing The Lawn In A Tornado


It doesn't get more "this is fine" than a guy out mowing his lawn, even though there's a tornado bearing down on him in the background.

2. The Casual Handstand


We're not sure that this would actually have been fine—but the guy at the front seems so calmly aware of what's coming next, doesn't he?

3. Absolute Poise In Basketball


Sure, you can't look this elegant for very long while flying through the air for a basketball... but this just seems so tranquil at this exact moment in time.


4. Doubling Up In A Plane


This image is near heart-attack-inducing to look at, so we can't imagine how stressful it must be to perform this stunt with two planes. They make it look easy.

5. Taking A Ride On The Outside Of A Boat


This looks like a sequence from a James Bond movie. You have this guy looking absolutely cool in a tux, riding on the wing of a catamaran. 

6. Skimming The Surface On A Bicycle


Jesus walked on water; this young man cycles on it. You can't argue with the fact that it all seems to be going very well, either—for now, that is. 

7. Why You Never Argue With The Referee


It takes a certain amount of training to come across as completely casual as you face down one angry player and drag another behind you. 

8. The Wheel Goes One Way


Losing the front wheel from your bike is only a problem if you don't know how to pull a wheelie. This guy knows and it looks superb.


9. Slapping With Sharks


OK, there's a certain amount of trick photography at play here—but still, this dude is willing to high five a shark and that's awesome. 

10. The Calm Before The Storm?


This air force worker looks pretty calm about the water cascading over his head... but it was just the beginning, so we wonder if he stayed that calm?

Timing is everything for a lot of these shots... They embody "everything is fine" for sure, but we're not sure that it always stayed fine. We hope that you enjoyed each of them.

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