Exploring An Abandoned Mansion On The Outskirts Of New York City

Mar 2, 2016

People have been on this planet for thousands of years and, in that time, for one reason or another, we've moved around quite a bit. Whether it was for exploration, trade, war, or any other number of reasons, people have been leaving their homes behind since time immemorial. Sometimes, entire cities and villages are abandoned by their people, while other times it's merely one home. 

It's hard to believe that anyone would ever abandon a luxury estate, but you never can tell. History is, after all, filled with examples of abandoned mansions and palaces that fell victim to civil unrest. In the case of one particular mansion in New York, however, the reasons as to why the owners left are currently anyone's guess.

Photographer Bryan Sansivero found and documented this incredible abandoned mansion on the outskirts of New York City (he didn't want to disclose specifics). 

The mansion has 57 rooms, including a bowling alley, indoor tennis court, library, and two bars, all sitting on six acres of land. Remnants of old furniture and carpets give a glimpse into what it was once like.

There's also a fair share of oddities, like creepy dolls.

The lady of the house clearly had great taste, as evidenced by her stylish shoe collection.


The mansion was built in the 1930s, and today it seems as if it's stuck in time.

Children's toys and what appears to be an old trunk (possibly for boarding school?) suggest that kids lived here once.

There are still plenty of dusty books on the shelves of this oak-paneled study.

Although a lot of the stuff is pretty old, electronics like this old TV set reveal that the house was probably abandoned sometime in the 1970s.

What happened to the original owners?

Who were they?


Why did they leave in such a rush? Several personal items around the house appear to be ready for their owners to return at any moment.

Whoever they were, they definitely lived well at one time.

Over time, the neglect has started to take its toll on the house.

Sansivero wouldn't reveal the location of the mansion, possibly in order to keep it relatively preserved. Sadly, at least a few vandals have found their way there over the years.

This is what remains of the indoor tennis court. Maybe some day someone will come along and clean it up again.

At this time, we don't really know a whole lot about this mansion or its previous owners, other than what can be inferred from these photographs. However, the Internet can be a surprisingly small place. If you or someone you know can offer us any more details on this place and what happened to it, we might be able to share the story with the rest of the world!

H/T: LifeBuzz | Bryan Sansivero

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