Eye-Opening Ways That Dish Soap Can Be Used

Nothing in the kitchen is more unsightly than a sink full of dirty dishes. The most effective way to easily get the grease and grime off your dishes is to soak them in a sink filled with warm, soapy water. The most prevalent property of dish soap is its ability to effectively cut grease, which water alone cannot do. Without dish soap, doing the dishes would be an even more laborious and dreaded chore.

This specific quality of dish soap can be applied to other uses as well. Outside of grimy dishes, many common situations can benefit from a few drops of the grease-cutting liquid. Paired with its affordable cost, dish soap makes for an effective and cheap alternative to pricey store-bought products. Here are just a few ways that you can benefit from using dish soap:

Emergency Laundry Detergent

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Dish soap is great for removing oils, so if you have run out of laundry detergent, you can come up with an emergency replacement with a few drops of dish soap combined with two cups of water.

Fun Bubbles

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Save money on store-bought bubble solution and use that money on ice cream instead! You can make your own homemade bubbles that the kids will love - just mix a few drops of dish soap into a plastic bottle of water and shake it up. The kids won't even know the difference.

Red Wine Stain Remover


People often think that fabrics with red wine stains are unsalvageable, but don't throw in the towel just yet. Before tossing out your favorite garment, try mixing one teaspoon of dish soap with a cup of hydrogen peroxide and applying the mixture to the stain with a clean sponge. Let it sit for a while, then rinse the garment with cold water.

Flea Repellent For Pets

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Some people swear by this flea repellent alternative: lemon-scented dish soap. So, the next time your beloved pet suffers from those pesky fleas, try bathing him or her in this common household item before spending money on pricey flea-repellent products.

Grease Stain Absolver

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Whether they are from cooking or eating, grease stains can be easily eliminated with the help of dish soap. Simply rub in one or two drops of dish soap into the stain using an old toothbrush before throwing it into the wash.

Ice Pack


Many store-bought ice packs are rigid and hard to apply on certain problem areas on the body. Next time, try making your own inexpensive ice pack at home by pouring some dish soap into a resealable freezer bag. Because dish soap doesn't solidify in the freezer, it can contour to the specific body part that has sustained an injury.


Poison Ivy Remedy


If you come into contact with poison ivy, one of the best things that you can do is immediately wash the area with dish soap. The solution will break down the oils that the poison ivy leaves on your skin that cause the irritation. Make sure that you do seek medical attention right after to properly treat it.

Jewelry Polish

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Jewelry can build up tarnish over time, but this is easily remedied with a few drops of dish soap mixed with seltzer. Use an old toothbrush to further scrub out the grime, then simply rinse with water and let it dry on a counter.

Fruit-Fly Trap

Fruit flies are an unwanted presence in any kitchen. If you find yourself with these pesky bugs, you can get rid of them by following the quick and simple tutorial in the video above.

Upholstery Stain Remover

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Nothing can be more frustrating than spending money on quality furniture only to have it ruined by accidental stains. But what's the fun in having a couch if you can't eat on it while watching television? If you've incurred your fair share of greasy stains on your beloved sofa - fear not. Take equal parts dish soap and water and give it a good stir with a hand mixer until it's whipped. Then, use a rag to apply it on the stain.

Patio Furniture Cleaner


Similar to indoor upholstery, patio furniture requires a good cleaning every once in a while. Instead of just using water, add in a few drops of dish soap and make an effective, affordable patio furniture cleaner.

Glass Defogger

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To prevent fog from building up on mirrors and windows - especially in the car - rub pure dish soap onto the glass. Continue to wipe it with a clean, dry cloth until the soap has completely dissipated.

Screw Lubricant

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Did you know that dish soap can also make for an effective lubricant for screws? If you don't have any WD-40 on hand, try giving the screw a squirt of dish soap before driving it into the wood.


Skunk Odor Remover

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When your beloved pet gets sprayed by a skunk, he or she is not the only one that suffers. Before you spend money on cans of tomato sauce, try your hand at making a homemade remedy. Simply mix one quart of hydrogen peroxide, a half cup of baking soda, and two teaspoons of dish soap together. Coat your pet with this solution for about 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse them with water.

Bug Repellent For Homes

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Keep pesky ants and spiders out of your home with this effective DIY bug repellent. Mixing some dish soap with water in a spray bottle, simply spray your vents, doors, and windows with this solution to deter pests from coming in through those areas.

Oil Stain Remover


Oil stains on concrete may seem hard to get rid of, but it is actually surprisingly easy to remedy this problem. First, sprinkle some baking soda over the problem area, then pour some dish soap over it and give the region a good scrub with a coarse, stiff brush. Let the solution sit for a few hours and re-scrub if necessary.

Weed Killer

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Avoid those long, painstaking hours in your yard pulling out weeds this summer by preventing those pests from growing in the first place. In a spray bottle, mix together dish soap, salt, and vinegar and spray it generously over any problematic areas.

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