Facebook Just Changed Your News Feed. Here's How To Keep Seeing Your Favorite Posts

Facebook announced some changes this week which will have a pretty big impact on what you will and won't see in your news feed. As part of the social media giant's ongoing efforts to improve your experience, they've made some adjustments in the way your news feed is prioritized.

Posts from friends and family members will now be presented at the top of your feed, which is definitely great, but it does have one big drawback - the posts from your favoriteĀ blogs, celebrities, newspapers, and websites like yours truly here at may not seem as accessible as they once were.


Don't worry! You can still get your daily fix of Wimp (and brighten our day with your presence) in just a few easy steps.  

Mobile Devices:

On your handheld or mobile devices, go to our page from your Facebook app. If you've already "Liked" our page, you'll see a "Following" button next to it. When you click it, the screen should look similar to the picture above.

If you haven't already clicked "Like" on our page, this is also a great chance to do that.

In order to keep seeing our fun, family-friendly content in your news feed every day, simply select "See First."


On your computer, the process is just as simple. Simply go to our Facebook page, and after clicking "Like," you'll see an option to "See First." Make sure that's selected, and you're ready to go!


Why did your news feed change?

Back when Facebook launched in 2006, they didn't think they'd ever have the problem they do now: there's too much information in the newsfeed for one person to digest. In order to make the news feed more relevant to you, posts are now "ranked" so that you see things you care about first.


Posts from friends and family will be ranked higher, and the more you interact with one person's posts, the more likely they are to show up more prominently in your feed. The news feed will learn from your choices and interactions, which is why it's important to go to all your favorite pages that aren't family or friends and make sure you can still see them, too.

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