Facebook Post About Cop Going Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty Goes Viral

While soaking up some sun at a beach, this woman noticed a police officer going well above the call of duty. She posted what she saw to Facebook, where it naturally went viral.

Jessica Barnes was on vacation in Pensacola, Florida, and was tanning at the beach when she saw some deputies in full uniform carrying a lost child up and down the beach to find his parents. They were absolutely drenched in sweat, and Jessica recalls that it was 97 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside.

The little boy was still wearing his floaties and had gotten separated from his parents. The officer walked with the young boy perched on his shoulders. "Notice both deputies in full uniform, and probably dying of sweat but relentless to find his family," said Barnes. "Once back with his mom the deputies gave the boy his own sheriff badge, new sunglasses, and a beach ball for the day. Let's share this post to show how awesome these guys are!"

Naturally, the photos got lots of positive comments, such as, "Thank you officers - I won't tell anyone you are actually angels cleverly disguised as sweaty police officers. Bless your slightly scuffed hearts."

Here's what Jessica saw when she first looked up.

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H/T: Newsiosity | Love What Matters

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