Family Adopts 2 Giant Dogs

Dogs make a great addition to just about any household, but picking the right one for your family's needs can be tricky. The Fisher family, of Long Beach, California, wanted to add an animal to their already energetic household. They had three rambunctious kids, Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan, but mom and dad felt like they were ready for something a little ... furrier. Joshua, the dad, had originally planned on getting a horse, but when that didn't seem feasible, they decided on two dogs instead. But what kind of dogs, you ask? That's where things get interesting.

Joshua and his wife, Bee, did their homework and figured out which breeds were famous for getting along great with children. This eventually led them to adopt a pair of Newfoundlands. If you've never seen one before, a Newfoundland's size can be quite startling. In fact, these dogs are capable of growing as long as six feet, which is taller than most adults! The Fishers named their new canine brothers Ralphie and Boss, and were thrilled to see that they instantly got along with their three little boys.

The Fisher family couldn't be happier with their decision to adopt Ralphie and Boss. As you know, dogs can teach young children all kinds of valuable lessons, so there's no doubt the three Fisher boys will be better thanks to their new furry friends. Lucky for us, the Fishers have taken to Instagram to document the relationship between their three little sons and their much bigger, much furrier, brothers. Check out the images below to see what makes this bond so special.

These are the Fishers. They live in Long Beach, California along with two giant Newfoundlands named Ralphie and Boss.

While docile in nature and full of love, these dogs are capable of growing as big as six feet long and weighing nearly 300 pounds. Just look at how they tower over the camera.


In an interview with Daily Mail, Bee, their mother, said that they "didn’t realize how big they were in-person until we went to get Ralphie from the breeders."

But, size is no issues for their three sons, Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan. As far as they're concerned, it's just more for them to cuddle!

The two gentle giants are comfortable with the kids and all the grabbing, poking, and snuggle that comes with them.

"It shows in our photos they are truly lap dogs. They are gentle giants and we can take them anywhere," said their father.


Just look at these five! I can't imagine any place safer than under the watchful eyes of Ralphie and Boss.

Check out the video below to see their brotherly bond in action!

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