Family Builds Dog House Under The Stairs

The vacant space under the stairs isn’t good for much, unless you happen to be Harry Potter. However, even the young wizard despised his tiny, hideaway bedroom at his Muggle aunt and uncle’s house, and was too happy to upgrade to the Gryffindor dormitory at Hogwarts. Some families use the space to store holiday decorations or other rarely used items, but more often than not, the space is left empty.

This family decided to make use of their wasted space in the best way possible. With step-by-step directions like these, I’m definitely tempted to build my own!

The space was empty – so why not make an extra special escape for the dog?

They cut the hole as large as possible, but made sure to stay between two studs.

Meet the intended occupant, Jack.

 Like most dogs, Jack sleeps everywhere, but his new home will be secure and comfy.

Door size is very important.

Make sure that your dog can get in and out of the space easily.

But the interior is important too.

Once inside, your dog must be able to stand and turn around. Here pine tongue-and-groove boards were used.

Jack seems to like his new house.

It was supposed to be a quick measure, but he’s still in there. If your pet isn’t as fond of their new space as Jack, try putting familiar items inside, such as their bed or toys.

So far, things are going great.

But you can’t blame dad for double-checking his measurements.

Now it’s time to create the frame.

Measure out your plan on a piece of poster board before cutting your wood. This can save a lot of heartache if something goes wrong.


Here we go.

The materials used here are pine, glue, nails and screws, but these can be adjusted for personal preference.

It’s starting to look like a real dog house.

The shape is fairly basic here, but could be changed to any design you can think of – the options are limitless.

The dog definitely approves.

And he has plenty of space to get in and out.

Now it’s time for shingles.

Here wood shims are used. They are cheap, don’t have to be cut and can be found at any hardware store.

Nice light on the nail gun, dad.

A nail gun makes things easy, but a hammer would work too.

Take your time to get the shingle measurements right.

They need to be spaced so that they overlap, but don’t pile up too fast or slow. It’s a delicate balance.

Meet in the middle.

Here they choose to create a flat top on the roof peak. It looks great, but a point is easier to create.


Jack is anxious to move into his new space permanently.

But for now he is happy to watch the work.

Another test.

Yes, it seems to be working just fine.

Next, add some trim.

They used white L-shape trim to match the décor of their home.

The finished product.

What a great home for any pooch.

It took some renovation to get the job done.

The back of the closet was closed off to make a separate space for Jack.

The interior.

Looks like a great place for a nap.

This project doesn’t take long to complete and, depending on what materials are used, can be very affordable. Share this awesome renovation with your friends and family who love dogs. As Jack has proven, it is a pooch’s dream home.

Via: Imgur

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