Family Builds Their Son An Epic "Secret Treasure Room" Out Of An Unused Storage Space

What do you give a little boy for this fourth birthday? That was the question facing Sarah and her spouse after they'd just celebrated their son's third birthday.

They'd done presents but presents just seemed so... temporary. They want to be able to give their son something that he would value for years to come and not just a moment when he pulled the paper off a few parcels.

What they came up with was absolutely brilliant. Let's take a look at a little boy's secret treasure room, we absolutely know that you'll love it.

1. The Background Of Their Home


Sarah and her family bought the house two years ago and their son wasn't quite two years old when they moved in. Her son's bedroom had a storage room attached to it.

2. The Secret Room


The storage room became known as "The Secret Room" in the family lexicon because its location was disguised from the world. In fact, a dresser barred the way.

3. The Room Was Sealed Off With The Dresser


The room simply wasn't needed when they arrived, so that dresser stood in front of the entryway for two years and their son had no idea there was a room at all.

4. There's Not Much To See


The original state of the room, as seen here was nothing special. It was an unusual triangle shaped creation because of its position against the roof.


5. The Size Of The Space


The room is 7x12 feet in floor area but with less ceiling area because of the pitched walls. There is a small doorway entering the room which is only 2x4 feet.

6. The Moment Of The Decision


After the boy's third birthday, Sarah and her spouse decided that it was time to make the room into a proper place to play and that meant bringing it up to shape.

7. They Worked While The Boy Was At School


A secret room is no secret at all if you know it exists. That meant the family could only work on the project while they boy was at school.

8. Everyone Joined In


It wasn't just Sarah and her spouse involved. Sarah had told everyone about how exciting the project was and her family was involved too.

9. Getting The Work Done


They ripped out the linoleum and the wood paneling and replaced them with dry walls and wood laminate flooring. Much better for a young boy to play in.

10. This Is What Happened When He Found It


Sarah relates this tale of when the boy finally discovered it:

"It was a hit! There was a treasure hunt around the house with clues on The Boy's birthday morning for him to find his gift. His last clue was to push on the dresser to slide it over. He needed a bit of help since it was “really, really hard.” Then he could see the door. “What do you see?” I asked. “That door there,” he declared.

Me: “What do you think we should do?”

The Boy: “I think we should peek inside it.”

Me: “What do you think is in there?”

The Boy: “Some treasure is in there." He walked in wide eyed and asked, “where is my birthday present?”

Me: “You are in your birthday present.”

The Boy: “What is it?”

Me: “It is a whole room.”

“A treasure room!” As he took it in he got very excited and declared that he would show it to everyone.

I gave him the tour of the room. “Oh, this is pretty cool, mother.”

Then it really sank in. 'A secret treasure room! I like this room so much,' he jumped up and down. 'Thank you father and mother.'”


11. The Room Gets A Lot Of Use Now


The secret room wasn't just a hit with her son, it was a hit with the whole family. Here you can see dad reading a bedtime story.

12. About Sarah Goer


Sarah is a creative professional who specializes in making novelty quilts. It's that creative spark that brought about the secret treasure room and brought it to life.

13. The Aloha Fizz


Sarah has made nearly 50 quilts and most of them were made in a single year. This is Aloha Fizz which she gave to her mother for Christmas.

14. The Racoon In An Envelope


This quilt came as an idea inspired by a quilt swapping competition on the internet. It's not a full sized quilt though more of a rug but it's still awesome.

15. Rainbow Text Dresden Mini


This quilt took so many colors of fabric that Sarah had to seek help online to get the final color because she couldn't find it anywhere. The rainbow effect is absolutely amazing, isn't it?

What a lucky little boy and what a creative set of parents he has. We imagine it's great fun to have your own secret treasure room.

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