Family Loses Three Children In Car Accident, Then Gives Birth To Miracle Triplets

Every parent’s worst nightmare came true for Lori and Chris Coble. Lori was driving on the freeway, with her three children, Emma, Katie and Kyle, when speeding semi slammed into the rear of their vehicle. Lori can’t remember what happened next, only what she’s been told by police and family. Her husband Chris had the tragic task of informing her that their precious children had all died in the collision. The truck driver had a history of speeding, and was convicted of three counts of manslaughter.

Lori and Chris are looking beyond the driver, however, and are using their tragedy to try and change the trucking industry.

Speeding, exhausted drivers and other unsafe practices are routine in an industry that seems designed to almost punish drivers for being safe.

The human face of this awful incident has proven powerful to many, and Chris and Lori’s voice is being heard, even on national talk shows.


But they’re going to have their hands full, battling a major industry, but also in welcoming a miraculous set of triplets into their life.

As if their children had sent a message to them, Lori gave birth to two girls and a boy.

Their loss will never be healed and their family will never be whole, but the Coble family is definitely making the best out of an unbelievably horrible situation.

Via: Today

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