Family Notices Something Weird About Their Prescription

A Minnesota CVS has publicly apologized after accidentally giving a local family the wrong medication… twice.

Vanessa Gilbertson said the pharmacy in her local CVS gave her two daughters incorrectly labeled or expired medicine.

Vanessa told KMSP-TV, “It’s like my trust is completely gone.”

Vanessa went to a CVS location in Delano, Minnesota, to fill a prescription for her daughter, Alyssa. The 7-year-old girl was suffering from an ear infection and needed medication.

Vanessa said, “The manufacturer's label said that it was amoxicillin but the label CVS put on it was ibuprofen.”

Thankfully, Vanessa noticed the mistake before giving her daughter and doses.

“I would have been giving her double doses of that the whole time,” she said.

The pharmacist apologized for the mistake and fixed the problem.  A month later, the same pharmacy made another mistake with the same family’s prescription.

This time, Vanessa’s 5-month-old-daughter was dealing with gastroesophageal reflux and needed a prescription filled. Vanessa gave her young daughter the medicine, but the little girl didn't respond to it. After the ninth dose, Vanessa reported that her daughter’s symptoms came back.

She said, “She’s crying, not sleeping and vomiting.” Vanessa looked at the pill bottle and saw that the medication had expired a month earlier. “My first thought was that this was just insane that this happened again," she said.

Mike DeAngelis of CVS Public Relations issues a statement of apology to the family.

"We sincerely apologize to Ms. Gilbertson. Her children’s prescriptions were corrected as soon as we learned of these incidents and our pharmacy supervisor has personally apologized to her.

The health and safety of our customers is our number one priority and we have comprehensive policies and procedures in place to ensure prescription safety. Prescription errors are a very rare occurrence, but if one does occur we determine what happened in order to prevent it from occurring again.

We have taken corrective action at the pharmacy and remain committed to ensuring that prescriptions are dispensed safely and accurately to our patients."

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H/T: America Now

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