Family Turns The Space Under His Stairs Into An Awesome Doghouse

When crafty Reddit user HeldAtNeedlepoint needed a new bed for her dog, she enlisted the help of her dad.

She had an idea of where to put the dog fort: why not use up all this wasted space under the stairs?

Here is the intended occupant, Jack.

Since dogs feel secure in small spaces where they can look out, this seemed like the perfect size.

Tongue and groove boards add a classy touch to the interior. Jack approves.

It's very important for Jack to oversee the construction of his new space.

Measuring out the frame for the exterior. 


Although the original cut-out was a trapezoid, the frame will have a more traditional doghouse shape.

The same tongue and groove boards used inside also look great on the exterior.

It's the perfect size for a small dog or a cat.

Jack seems to love having his own apartment.

Just to have a little extra fun, they decided on a roof with shingles.

A nail gun gets the job done quickly.

They had to measure carefully to overlap, but avoid a weird pileup at the end.


One of the trickiest parts was where the rooftop comes to a flat line.

Ever the boss, Jack keeps an eye on the whole process.

But he can't wait to get back inside his own apartment.

A little trim sets apart the doorway.

And the trim finishes the house that Jack built. (Or at least supervised.)

Credit: Imgur

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