Family Warns Of Deadly Lake Electrocution That Killed Their Daughter

America’s lakes and beaches are gearing up for their busiest season. Before you head out to your local watering hole to cool down, there’s a relatively unknown danger you should know about.

Electric shock drowning has claimed roughly 25 lives in the United States over the past five years. It occurs when an electric current - most likely from a short in the wiring on a dock, marina, or boat - enters the water. Without proper electricity-detecting devices, these shocks come without any warning and are often fatal.

Jimmy and Casey Johnson had no idea of the danger lurking under the docks behind their house. After suffering the tragic loss of their daughter, Carmen, the Johnsons are speaking up.

Carmen was just 15 years old. As the Johnson’s youngest child, she enjoyed cheerleading and water sports. One day, she went out for a swim at the family’s lake house. Her father and brother, Zach, saw Carmen get dragged down under the water’s surface. The two took off and leaped into the water in an attempt to save her, which almost cost them their own lives. Sadly, Jimmy and Zach could not save her in time. The Johnsons are now dedicated to warning the world about this deadly occurrence in hopes that nobody else will have to lose a loved one due to electric shock drowning.

"There are probably a lot of drownings that happen that could be from this that people don’t know,” Casey said.

Watch the video below for more important tips on how you can prevent electric shock drowning.

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H/T: ABC News

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