Farmer Gives Away His Harvest To Feed His Neighbors

Apr 4, 2016

Hunger and limited food access are an unfortunate reality in America. Despite the fact that we have more, better food than ever before, it’s unfortunately not always accessible to every American due to a wide variety of causes, from cost to the ability to even make it to the store. Often in low-income, urban areas, we find ourselves referring to “food deserts.” These are areas where nutritious food is simply not easily available, especially if one does not have access to a car or adequate public transportation.

What isn’t often talked about is rural communities. That same lack of transportation can be even more difficult, especially as small-town “main streets” shrivel up in favor of big-box chain stores outside the city limits. Many farmers or other successful residents of small communities don’t think twice these days of driving 30 minutes to an hour or more to stock up on necessities.

Not everyone can do that, though. This fact hit Jonathan Lawler hard when he first realized it. His son told him about a boy at school whose family was relying on a food pantry for assistance. Jonathan couldn’t believe it. The farmer’s land was overflowing with food, as were all the farms between his land and the school. None of it was staying in the community, however, because of the modern supply chain. So, Jonathan made a change. He decided he was going to devote his farm and his life to making sure those in areas like his wouldn’t go hungry.

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H/T: USA Today

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