Farmer Has His Dreams Come True On An Episode Of "Shark Tank"

If you watch a lot of reality television, you know that Shark Tank is the place to go to turn that idea you've always had into a million-dollar reality. The show places ordinary people in front of huge investors, in the hopes of finding America's next great invention. Sometimes it leads to heartwarming and inspiring moments - and sometimes it ends in embarrassment and ridicule. When Johnny Georges faced the Shark Tank panel, he experienced a little of both. 

Johnny is the founder of Tree T-Pee, a company that sells a simple product that aims to conserve water for farmers. While in front of the panel, Johnny asked for $150,000 for twenty percent of his company. But during his pitch, some on the panelists were appalled by his business practices, mainly because they felt he could be charging way more for his product. Johnny, however, did not agree. He felt that since he was selling to local farmers, he should try to keep the cost down as low as possible out of fairness and goodwill.  

Luckily, John Paul DeJoria, the co-founder of Paul Mitchell, shared in Johnny's vision and agreed to give him everything he asked for, as well as offering to be an advisor and business partner along the way. Johnny was so moved by John Paul's generosity that he was left in tears and shared an emotional story about his late father.

It is great to see good people like Johnny Georges get the success they deserve. 


A farmer goes on 'Shark Tank' and gets his life's work ripped to shreds. Now watch him turn the tables at 6:40...(Y)

Posted by DJ Wiz on Thursday, November 26, 2015

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