Father Builds Miniature Garage For His Son

There's nothing quite like the bond that is shared between father and son. Particularly when a boy is young, the first role model and person he looks up to is his father, and that relation only continues to strengthen as time goes on.

For a father, nothing is more important than seeing a gleaming smile on your child's face. When Reddit user dogeuppity was nearing his son's third birthday, he wanted to go above and beyond the typical store-bought gift. Being a handyman himself, he decided to build his son the ultimate work area that any handy boy needs: a garage. With a proper miniature garage, his son's toy cars and work area would be safe from the rain. He would have all the space needed to pretend-play with toy tools and a work bench. The task before him was far from easy, but it was for his son, so he knew that the effort would be well worth it.

Even though there was still snow on the ground, this dedicated father was determined to construct the birthday present for his son. Due to the nature of the space around his existing shed, he decided that the best way to tackle the task was to prefabricate the walls, ceiling, and roof. Only after they were completed would they then be moved into place and fully assembled.

Using his terrace as a work area, the frame of the floor was built and covered with a sturdy piece of OSB board.

With the floor set, the framework for the two walls could then be constructed and attached to it. It's important to note that the walls were affixed in such a way that they could easily be deconstructed when the time came to move everything adjacent to the shed. Also, one wall was designed to be shorter in height than the other so that the roof would slope.

Once both walls were affixed upright, the 2'x4' beams of the roof were ready to be cut to size and set on top.

Then, more OSB boards were screwed onto the beams of the roof to keep everything in place.


To give the exterior walls a more polished look, cladding was attached to the outward-facing wall's exterior. As you can see, things were really starting to come together nicely:

The weather was starting to get warmer, so this dedicated father decided to jump on the opportunity to disassemble the would-be garage into modules and carry them over to their final destination. If you are ever attempting this yourself, it is a good idea to have someone help you with this part. As dogeuppity notes, "I almost broke my back, terrace, and build getting it here, but it all worked out."

The warm weather also meant that it would now be much easier to dig holes into the ground to lay out the concrete blocks that would serve as the foundation of the garage.

Cladding was attached to final parts of the exterior:

All that was left to do for the construction phase was to install the entrances doors and build a ramp leading up to it.

Now comes the fun part: outfitting the new addition with everything that a proper garage needs!


Like any garage, this one houses the vehicles of the owner; it's easy to get them in and out thanks to the ramp that was previously installed.

Inside you'll find an assortment of shelves that hold a variety of toys and RC cars.

A play workbench and functional crane also occupy the area so that any important tasks can be completed in the back!

Best of all, proper electrical wiring was fed through the existing shed to the new garage. This allows the cars to properly charge their batteries while not in use.

There's even a decorative gas pump! To learn more about the details of this impressive project, be sure to check it out here.

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H/T: LittleThingsdogeuppity

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