Father Builds "Santa Stop Here" Light Display For His Son After Moving Houses

Dec 24, 2015

As a child over the holidays, your hopes and fears are all limited to pretty much one thing - the imminent arrival of Santa. Santa's obviously the star of the show here and excited kids go to great lengths to make sure he's coming, laying out milk and cookies to sweeten him up (maybe into giving more presents) and tracking his flight pattern with the NORAD santa tracker. 

One source of holiday anxiety for kids comes as a result of having moved houses recently. How will Santa know you live somewhere else now? How will he get your new address? What if the kids who lived in your new house before you were on the permanent "Naughty" list and Santa never updated the database? Egads! 

These are just a few of the concerns that 6-year-old Archie from New Zealand probably had racing through his mind after his family recently relocated to Queensberry, New Zealand. His mother said he was pretty worried about it, but thankfully his father, Nick, has his back. Teaming up with Air New Zealand, he set up a surprise for his son that has touched people all over the world.

Meet 6-year-old Archie. His family just recently moved from Australia to New Zealand. He was worried Santa wouldn't find their new home, stating that if Santa skipped them over he would "probably cry for about 12 days," which is an adorably specific number of days.

Luckily, his father Nick is on it. After working with a team from Air New Zealand all day while Archie was out fishing with his mom. When they came back, Nick led them to the big surprise.


As you can see, the look on Archie's face is priceless.

Nick and the team set up a giant light display leading to their house. There's no way Santa's missing them now!

Archie is, understandably, beyond delighted at the surprise.


He also got some gifts from the Air New Zealand staff, just in case.

Check out the full video below:

Air New Zealand

Via: Daily Mail

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