Father & Son Convert Old School Bus Into Tiny Motorhome

Have you ever wanted to go off the grid? You sell your home, pack one bag, hop in your car and just drive without any plan - sounds pretty romantic, right? For most of us, this is an impossibility since we have a family who loves us and a job that supports us. But, for Patrick Schmidt and his father, they were the ideal candidates for life on the road when an old, beat-up school bus crossed their path. Without thinking twice, they bought it for a bargain and began a journey that'd make Jack Kerouac jealous. Check out the pictures below to see what they did to that old school bus that allowed them to experience America in such a unique way.

This big blue hunk of junk only cost Patrick $4,500.

He purchased it and began a 3-month-long project that would convert it into a living space for him and his father.

The renovation only ended up costing about $9,000. Of course, a lot of elbow grease went into it as well.

But, when you look at the before and after photos, the finished product was definitely worth the effort.


Their new tiny bus motorhome is already nicer than most apartments.

They have everything they need to sustain themselves, including solar panels and converters.

They installed what looks to be the smallest sink available for purchase. Luckily, those family photos make it feel a little more like home.

There isn't much room for privacy.

The LED lights are a nice touch. They look cozy and retro while also giving off that "party bus" vibe.


No home is complete without an A/C unit and plenty of storage.

They have a fridge, fresh water and plenty of entertainment. Notice the two copies of "Into The Wild" on the shelf. It looks like they’re trying to channel their inner "Alexander Supertramp."

Upon completing the project, the dynamic father/son duo departed from Seattle for a 10,000 mile trip to Florida. Along the way they are taking whatever temporary work they can find, in hopes of eventually making their way back to Las Vegas before returning to Seattle.

Via: Bored Panda

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