Firefighter Gives His Shoes To A Barefoot Homeless Man

If you turn on the news these days, approximately 90 percent of the stuff you'll see is something negative. Whether it's corrupt authority figures, various crimes or something under the sink where "what you don't know could kill you," it seems that instance of positivity and people being kind to each other aren't really easy to find. That's a big part of our mission here at Wimp - we want to show that in a world full of madness and chaos, there are still so many people who are willing to do good for the sake of doing good.

Recently, the City of Riverside Fire Department in California went viral for all the right reasons. After spotting a homeless man trying his best to walk down a very busy road, two members of the Riverside Fire Department immediately pulled over and gave him a simple but deeply significant gift. That incident was shared on Facebook, where news of the firemen's good deed was quickly praised by people from all over.

While coming back from a training exercise, members of the City of Riverside Fire Department spotted this homeless man stumbling and limping down a busy road.


The crew pulled over almost immediately and firefighters David Gilstrap and Captain Rob Gabler got out to assist. Gilstrap went to the back of the truck and got his own sneakers to give to the man.

If that simple gesture wasn't enough, Gilstrap even helped the man put the shoes on and then gave him some water to drink. The photos of this kind, generous act were shared to the fire department's Facebook page. It has since gone viral.

This simple act of kindness may not seem like much - it's just a pair of old sneakers and some water, hardly a million-dollar donation - but it's important to remember what it means to the man who received it. He no longer has to suffer walking on that hard concrete road barefoot. More importantly, he wasn't made to feel invisible.


One of the biggest problems faced by homeless people is the fact that society as a whole tends to turn a blind eye to their suffering. It's one thing to suffer through the cold and rain and hunger, it's another thing to do it while feeling like your life simply isn't worth acknowledging and/or if it is, it’s the butt of a cruel joke.

To learn more about these amazing firefighters and their generosity, watch the video below.

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Via: Littlethings | City of Riverside Fire Department

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