Firefighters Using Teeny Tiny Oxygen Masks Save Hamsters

We can never thank our nation’s firefighters enough for what they do. These courageous men and women jump right into action to save our homes and our lives from roaring fires. In most areas, firefighters are also trained in Emergency Medical Services to aid the distressed. Not every life saved by these brave rescuers is human, however - some are much furrier.

Luckily for one family, all of the firefighters in Lacey, Washington are trained and equipped to assist any injured animals they might encounter on a call. Pets are family, too, and their lives matter just the same. 

On a recent call, the Lacey Fire District Three encountered a house on fire. While the owners of the home were absent, their littlest children were stuck inside. Rushing inside, the firefighters found a small cage filled with a hamster family of five. 

The poor little things had passed out from the smoke and needed to be revived. Thanks to his handy “Pet Emergency Pocket Guide,” firefighter Eric Bamer was able to invent a tiny, makeshift oxygen mask.

The quick-thinking team was able to resuscitate four of the five hamsters, including the mom, Madonna, and the dad, Oreo.

The surviving hamsters were later reunited with their human family. Kudos to these heroic firefighters for saving the day! Hopefully, more fire departments will follow suite and prep their rescuers with the proper education and equipment needed to help future pets in need.

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H/T: LifeBuzz | Lacey Fire District 3

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