Firemen Make An American Flag From An Old Hose

It's no secret that firefighters are brave. They're among America's favorite heroes. Along with soldiers, police officers, and paramedics, they put themselves in harm's way every day so that the rest of us can safely live our lives. But you may not know that they can also be very creative.

These firefighters, at Station 6 in Kingsport, Tennessee, show us that they aren't just selfless heroes, but also talented artists. They took a used hose and decided to put it to new use by turning it into a homespun American Flag. The final product is beautiful and shows the love these men have for their country. When you look at this very special flag, you aren't just seeing a symbol of our country, you're also seeing a symbol of the sacrifices that go into protecting it.

It's really inspiring to see the work these men put into the making of the flag that obviously means so much to them, but it's also nice to see how much fun they're having. If there's anyone who deserves some fun, it's the hardworking men and women who put their lives on the line for the rest of us.

The firefighters of Station 6 in Kingsport, Tennessee started with a boring old hose.

They cut it into 13 parts.

Then, they scrubbed it to make sure it was clean before they painted it.

Once the shape was finished, they measured the sections for the different colors.

They began by painting the upper left corner blue.

Then came the seven red stripes.

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